NEW! Create Custom Geo-Fences With The Polygon Landmarks Feature

Fleet Director’s Polygon Landmarks feature lets managers create polygon or other custom-shaped geo‑fences for their fleet. Users can zoom in on their Polygon Landmarks directly from the map and closely monitor their vehicles—including the ability to see the nearest vehicles to their custom locations.

How it works:

Click on the Control Panel and select the Landmarks icon to get started. Choose the Polygon option, name your Polygon Landmark and give it a unique color for easy visibility on the map. With a click of a mouse, select specific geographic points that include important locations, such as job sites, and draw a preferred shape on the map.


The Message Report Now Configures Message Data Relevant To Your Business

The Message Report can now configure and filter the messages that show on your report, in addition to providing a list of all messages sent and received—such as log of ignition status and break status changes—from specific vehicles in the field.

How it works: 

Click on the Reports Tab. Select the report from the Side Menu list and a time frame, in addition to selecting the vehicles you want to view. Run the report. The Message Report quickly provides users with a log of inbound and outbound messages, along with a time-stamp, vehicle status and location.